Refrigeration Cases and Systems

Hill Phoenix

Benso Inc. excels in the supermarket refrigeration field. We are very pleased to offer Hill Phoenix as our equipment of choice, and as a Hill Phoenix refrigeration dealer, we can offer first quality fixtures and mechanical equipment for the supermarket owner. For over 100 years, Hill Phoenix has consistently provided superior quality systems that merchandise your product like no one else in the industry. Display cases and mechanical systems are designed with one purpose and that is to sell product. Low maintenance and state-of-the-art technology in every system Hill Phoenix builds ensures economical operation year after year.

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Food Service Equipment

As a member of Institutional and Supermarket Equipment (ISE) buying group, we at Benso Inc. have responded to our customers' need for a single source supplier for products and services for the food service industry. From ice making to dispensing equipment, fryers, ovens, display shelving or beverage systems, our food service department can assist in product selection, layout and display.

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Innovative ECO Brite LED Lighting Systems

There is a better way to light your display cases. Precision Optical Performance.

Using specially designed optics that accurately focus the high intensity beam of our LED lights, EcoBrite P.O.P Technology makes display cases more visually appealing, top to bottom and left to right. It is that uncomparable visual performance, in addition to energy savings and reduced maintenance costs, that makes EcoBrite better.

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